Tinago Waterfalls: The Hidden Gem of Northern Mindanao

“Chasing waterfalls” literally, has always been a great idea for travelers, who love to dive and swim into a huge basin of deep cold water. I love to dive and swim. Sometimes it took minutes to stand on a diving area looking down into the water. I just wanted to make sure, if I can make it. 😀 I am an adventurer. I like to try things out of my curiosity. When my conscience would tell me to do it, I would really try to do it. And when I did it, it makes me happy and satisfied! 😀

Last weekend, my cousin and I went outing. I have to travel 5 hours from my hometown to the place of my cousin, where the Tinago Waterfalls is also located. I have to take two buses and a barge. In my province, our public transportation here is fast and reliable. The problem is that some areas are always having road widening or bridge constructions and it always, ALWAYS take years to finish it. It can cause delay and heavy traffics that it would WASTE.YOUR.TIME! Ugh!!! Okay too much for that. YES! Waterfalls are everywhere here in the Philippines and it is a good place to cool down and relax. Everyone knows that. Its summer and it is going to end soon, so we really need to travel more!



Tinago Waterfalls is called The Hidden Gem of Northern Mindanao. TINAGO is a bisaya word for “hidden”. Tinago Waterfalls is located in Iligan City and Linamon, Lanao del Norte. It is a province in the southern part of the Philippines, in the northern part of Mindanao. This waterfall is like a boundary between two towns. When you arrive there, the upper part of it is the Iligan City and the lower part (where the main entrance is) is Linamon.

From these views (below) is part of Iligan City. You could not see clearly the beauty of the waterfalls but you will still be amaze of the view.



These other side of views (below) is part of Linamon, where you can clearly see everything.




The beauty of this waterfall is, it has a wide swimming area that tourist can definitely enjoy playing in it. Those huge stones and high piles of rocks are usually use as “diving boards”. As you can see they are having fun diving and swimming. I really wanted to dive-in too, but I was shy. I don’t like somebody else sees me diving. Haha! 😀 You can also rent life jackets for safety. This is waterfalls, dude. You know the risk.

On the right side from this view (above) is also a waterfall. You can sit back and relax there and simply enjoy the view.




I am just happy that finally I have come here! I used to live in Iligan City but I have never been here. Well I cannot blame myself for those past years. I have never been a traveler. Only now, when I turned 25. Lol. 😀 I have realized there is so much to see in this world. Hash tag #ThereIsSoMuchToSeeInThisWorld 😀 And, oh! Have you noticed the rainbow on the first photo? It always appears at 3:00 P.M and beyond. At that time, the sun rays will strike at that massive falling waters and because of its spin-drift, the rainbow appears. Amazing is it? How wonderful the world is! 😀

I still have more photos below but if you like to know more on how to come here, read other blogs. My blog is for photography only. Enjoy!








The struggle is real to this hundred steps! Too much slope! Too…. much… slope….! This is the ONLY way (or should I say the main entrance and exit) to the waterfall. Better have enough energy for this.






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