Poetry of Love


Juan Miguel Severo is known for his spoken word poetry. He appeared in a Filipino hit television series OTWOL (On the Wings of Love) where he portrayed Rico, who also do spoken-word poetry in a bar. I have noticed him first on his viral video, where he was reciting a poem about love. The poem was entitled Ang Huling Tula Na Isusulat Ko Para Sa ‘Yo (The Last Poem I’ll Write for You). Now, he is the most popular writer, music artist, actor, and a poet here in the Philippines –And maybe in abroad too, because there are lots of Filipinos out there who love OTWOL.

Recently, he published his first book HABANG WALA PA SILA: Mga Tula ng Pag-ibig. It’s a book of poetries of love. There are 18 poems in it. Note that it is written in Tagalog (Filipino language) so for those who can’t understand Tagalog, I don’t know if there is another copy of this book that is rewritten and translated in any languages.

I quickly purchased a copy of it at the National Bookstore thru online. I know the book is still in distribution in every place in the Philippines, but I just can’t wait to read it. I live in a small city, miles away from the capital city, and I know it would take months to sell here in my hometown.

I have finish reading the book on that night, the day it was delivered to me. And I will reread it again and again. It’s worth reading a book when you can relate to it, especially when it is written in your own language. Much better, much penetrates to the heart.

I am hoping that this is the beginning of recognizing the true beauty of Filipino poetry. There are lots of Filipino arts that can be seen in the museums but sadly, it is not our [Filipinos] habit to visit museums. Except that if it is part of a school field trip. I began to love Filipino arts when I started photo blogging about travel and food here in the Philippines; but due to limited time and money, I barely post.

I recommend you to read this book. It’s not because it’s all about love but because it’s beautiful!


Here is my favorite lines of his poem KAPAG SINABI KONG MAHAL KITA:

 Kapag sinabi kong mahal kita, ang ibig kong sabihin

Masaya ako.

Dahil mahal, gaano man kahaba ang araw,


uuwi ako sa ‘yo.





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