Lunch date @ Kuya J Restaurant

So, lately I’ve been quiet for a long time. I had this fanatic-addict because of this love-team that has so much love in the air! Ha-ha! And now my fiancee (sometimes I call him hubby) got home from U.A.E and will stay for a while. He’s here for a vacay, so we will expend our time with food trips and travels. Yepey!!!

We get back to Cebu, our current home town, and we had lunch at Kuya J Restaurant. A Filipino dining where you will be gratified with everything you eat. It’s less expensive and a relaxing place, expert service and approachable crews. 👍

Straight off, here are some of what we ordered for our lunch.

Grilled Scallop. The signature dish of Kuya J restaurant. Filled with butter and juicy to eat. You can really add more rice because it feels like you’re forever hungry. 😄


Sizzling Sisig. Not a typical Filipino sisig. Cooked with pork and top with egg. But the egg was already mixed. Ha-ha! And of course, the spice that takes in a Filipino burst into deep breath. Lol. You need ‘a jar of water’ to this. 😄😄


Pork Bulalo. In every dish there is a soup. I just love soup so much. The Pork Bulalo of Kuya J makes my tummy feel better. One bowl of it is right enough for me. Note that this bowl is good for 3 persons. Yup! I’m very much in love with soups. *sluuurrrpp*


Lumpia Presko (Fresh Lumpia). Last but not the least. One of the best lumpia presko I’ve ever savored! Not the typical Filipino lumpia presko style again. And I wonder how did they color it with green? Anyways, the sauce and the crushed nuts perfectly blend. It’s gratifying and healthy lumpia presko and I mean, I’m really not into lumpia presko, but this Kuya J’s signature dish of lumpia presko made me believe to eat more lumpia presko. Lol lol lol. 😄😄😄

There were fruit shakes we ordered, but I never had the chance to capture it. We were so busy chitchatting. Ha-ha! Kuya J Restaurant is located anywhere in the Philipines. Only as far as I know, this restaurant can be seen in Manila and Cebu.


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