Photo by: the Author

It was February 2015 and we, in our class, were having a field trip. Our professor chose a white sand beach located in Bas Daku, Moalboal, Cebu. It’s a peaceful place, clean and blue. The beach that we went into has 3 beach resorts neighboring each other. I do not know the names of these 3 neighboring resorts, but one of it is the most relaxing because it has all the amenities and a view to the beach, and a sunset. It was fenced and a few expensive thou to look at (for me because I have no money. Lol). The two beaches left were just for fun. I mean anyone can go there just to relax or wanted to be alone. We only pay 5 PHP per person for the entrance fee and a 500 PHP for the cottage. By the way, these are not only the beaches in Moalboal, Cebu. You can click here for other sources of white sand beaches. The word “BAS DAKU” is a Cebuano term which means big sand; probably because it has the best stretch of white sand beach in Moalboal, Cebu.

We went there in connection with our Surveying course. The road going there from the National Highway was too rocky, a little terrains, and dusty. We examined and record the area to construct a map of the terrain for our final activity in that semester. We were very excited to jump off the beach and that’s why we finished the activity quickly. 😀 We had our lunch there with some drinks and talking, and singing along with a guitar. Filipinos are always into ‘singing along with a guitar’. This is typically happening among friends and neighbors in towns and provinces. And a few beers of course! 😀

In my little time of exploring the beach, there are only few pictures I have captured because I was scared to be lost. LOL. Remember, the beach that we went to is just simple and ordinary, so nothing much too luxury. It’s just the beach, the sand, and the sunset.

Photo by: the Author
Photo by: the Author
Photo by: the Author
Photo by: the Author
Photo by: the Author
Photo by: the Author
Photo by: the Author

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